Tailored Implants Made of PVDF

DynaMesh®-PR4 soft
DynaMesh®-PR4 visible

For the surgical treatment of cystocele

Minimised mesh sizes for transvaginal anterior mesh repair.
Significantly less mesh shrinkage because of reduced foreign body reaction [20].

Anterior mesh repair


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DynaMesh®-PR4 soft
DynaMesh®-PR4 visible

DynaMesh®-PR4 soft / -PR4 visibleProduct rangeUse and propertiesTechnical dataVideosDownloads

DynaMesh®-PR4 soft 1A (1) 07 cm x 04 cm PV520736F1 Unit = 1 EA / BX
DynaMesh®-PR4 soft 2A (1) 07 cm x 06 cm PV520740F1 Unit = 1 EA / BX

DynaMesh®-PR4 soft 1B (1)
09 cm x 04 cm PV520904F1 Unit = 1 EA / BX
DynaMesh®-PR4 visible 1B (1)
09 cm x 04 cm PV720904F1 Unit = 1 EA / BX
DynaMesh®-PR4 soft 2B (2)
09 cm x 06 cm PV520906F1 Unit = 1 EA / BX
Product DynaMesh®-PR4 soft (1)

DynaMesh®-PR4 visible (2)

Field of application cystocele
Surgical method transvaginal / anterior
Fixation of central part of the mesh suture
Optimal handling
Optimal patient safety
Optimal patient comfort
Atraumatic selvedges
Minimised mesh size
Shape stability
Defined elasticity
visible technology
 gruene_punkte (2) / graue_punkte (1)

gruene_punkte Applies to all product sizes
gaue_punkte Does not apply

Product DynaMesh®-PR4 soft (1)

DynaMesh®-PR4 visible (2)

Polymer (monofilament) PVDF
Excellent biocompatibility
Minimal foreign body reaction
Reduced bacterial adherence
High ageing resistance
Optimal dynamometry
Reactive surface (a) [m²/m²] * 1.9
Maximum stability (b) [N/cm] 58
Elasticity (b) at 16 N/cm [%] 13
Textile porosity (c) [%] * 71
Effective porosity (c) [%]] * 68
Effective porosity at 2.5 N/cm(c) [%] * 68
Classification (d) 1a

gruene_punkte Applies to all product sizes

Legends for the technical data

* Central part of the mesh
(a) Ratio of implant reactive surface area (thread surface) to implant surface area
(b) measured in the strip tensile test
(c) Mühl method [6]
(d) Klinge’s classification [8]

Videos: DynaMesh®-PR4 soft & DynaMesh®-PR4 visible

(–) – Animation:
DynaMesh®-PR4 soft & DynaMesh®-PR4 visible

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