Tailored Implants made of PVDF

visible in MRI 2

DynaMesh® visible – A better internal view without risk

During MRI scans, in imaging terms the part of the body being analysed is scanned step by step and deconstructed into many “wafer-thin optical slices”. At the end, these “slices” are reconstructed to form 3-dimensional images or motion sequences (remodelling): The position of the DynaMesh® visible implant can be visualised and monitored in detail. The 3D internal view supplies useful information.

Hernia Surgery

Pelvic Floor Surgery


The problem with monitoring

In many indications, the correct positioning of the implant must be checked after a certain time. But a “look inside” involves risks. Conventional mesh implants are invisible in diagnostic radiology. Patients sometimes have to undergo a second-look operation.

A simple alternative

The unique DynaMesh® visible provides cutting edge technology, which is extremely safe and effective. To put it simply: we mix the PVDF filament with ferromagnetic micropigments using an inhouse procedure. This guarantees optimal incorporation of the pigments. Long-term tests demonstrate that the micropigments are integrated into the PVDF polymer – you could say hermetically sealed.

A clear internal view

DynaMesh® visible implants can be made visible using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) [7] both in standard sequences and in high-resolution, three-dimensional images or even films. As such, radiologists can reliably and accurately determine the position and condition of the implant. Additionally, if required, they can observe how the implant behaves in motion.

Effective healing

Because it is so easy and safe to take a „look inside”, DynaMesh® visible opens up new perspectives. Risk-free monitoring of how healing is progressing, optimal monitoring in clinical studies or more rapid development of pioneering implants – together with world-renowned clinical partners.

Moreover, DynaMesh® visible is the world’s first technology to visualise textile implants. It was given an award by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF 01EZ 0849).

Hernia Surgery


Pelvic Floor Repair


Video: Animation of TAPP using a visible mesh

Video: Animation of TAPP using a visible mesh

Video: Animation MRT Reconstruction with DynaMesh®-PRS visible

Video: Animation MRT Reconstruction with DynaMesh®-PRP visible

Gained an award in the innovation competition run by the auszeichnung-bundesministerium

The development was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF 01EZ 0849)

Information on the visualisation of DynaMesh visible implants using MRI